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Welcome to JamesonD.com

Document Examination and Handwriting Comparisons:

Confidential. Unbiased. Professional

Since the economic downturn, there have been increasing numbers of cases of identity theft and fraud. Questioned (disputed) handwriting or signatures may be found in wills, anonymous letters, cheques, company accounts, job applications, property or marital matters, invoices, insurance paperwork, bank/credit card account applications and graffiti.

Paperwork may reveal suspicious date entries or amounts in figures or words, such as those found on financial documents. Scrupulous examination techniques may reveal alterations made in a different ink or by a different individual's handwriting.

Whether you have a questioned signature, Last Will and Testament, mortgage agreement, bogus insurance claim, an old letter with indecipherable handwriting or any document which needs scrutinising, Jameson-D Handwriting Expert can objectively and accurately assess and make a judgement to help clarify the situation.

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John Jameson-Davis, DipIGA, MAQG

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