Handwriting Expert

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About Me

I was born in Bournemouth, not far from the home and centre of wireless experiments by Guglielmo Marconi who developed long-distance wireless technology.

My interest in handwriting studies was triggered when I chanced upon the correspondence between my late grandfather and his famous cousin, Marconi. Henry Jameson-Davis was the instigator of
Marconi’s successful career, financing and setting up the original Marconi company (their correspondence is now held at the Bodleian Library, Oxford).

I was intrigued by their handwritings and signatures and the attention to details shown by both men. I have always had an excellent eye for detail, perhaps inherited, and it wasn’t long before I started studying the various features of handwritings and signatures. I studied hundreds of handwriting samples and then became a student of Reed Hayes.

I am a qualified handwriting expert and have been in practice for twenty years. I now render expert opinions on a variety of questioned or disputed handwritings and signatures and have worked with private individuals and various companies including BMW and Dulux Paint. I prepare verbal and written reports and am willing to testify as an expert witness in Court.

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