John Jameson-Davis

Forensic Document Examiner

Member of the Scientific Association of
Forensic Examiners

Examination and Handwriting Comparisons

Confidential  |  Unbiased  |  Professional

Examination and Handwriting 

Confidential  |  Unbiased  |  Professional

I​n recent years, there have been increasing numbers of cases of identity theft and fraud.

Questioned (disputed) signatures, initials, numerals and handwriting may be found on wills, anonymous letters, Lease Agreements, company accounts, job applications, property paperwork, insurance claims, benefit applications – in fact, any document.

Paperwork may reveal suspicious date entries or amounts in figures or words, such as those found on financial documents. Scrupulous examination techniques may reveal alterations made in a different ink or by a different individual’s handwriting.  

If you have cause to question any document, I can objectively and accurately assess it and give my professional opinion in either an opinion letter or an official Court Report.